AECT 2022 - Learning Analytics Panel

Photo of the panel

Learning Analytics for Continuous Improvement: An Instructional Design Perspective

Learning analytics has been a hot topic in the last decade. Yet, adoption among instructional designers seems to be late due to lack of institutional support, lack of educational data literacy, and data complexity. This panel aims to acknowledge how instructional designers can link their learning and analytical expertise to support the continuous improvement of learning experiences. This panel will be ideal for anyone curious about acquiring and developing learning analytics skills.


  • Daniela Castellanos Reyes, Purdue University


  • Secil Caskurlu, Florida State University
  • Dirk Ifenthaler, University of Mannheim
  • Ceren Ocak, Michigan State University
  • K. Bret Staudt Willet, Florida State University
  • David Wiley, Lumen Learning